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FAQ Mt. Healthy Electric Aggregation Program with IGS Energy


On Tuesday October 3, 2017 at 7:00 PM the Mt. Healthy City Council will hold a public hearing in Council Chambers at 7700 Perry Street for the following Conditional Use Permit request and recommendations of the Planning Commission:

Health Care Facility in the Core Business District (CBD) 7613 Hamilton Ave. – Kelli Prather- Sec. 155.078 (B3,5) Prohibited Uses; Sec. 155.005(I), (General Provisions, Similar Use.) Only the Applicants must be represented at this hearing. Information regarding these Conditional Use requests can be viewed/obtained at the Mt. Healthy Municipal Building at 7700 Perry Street. Should you have any questions or comments regarding this notice please direct them to the Mt. Healthy Building and Zoning Department.


On Tuesday October 3, 2017 at 7:00 PM the Mt. Healthy City Council will hold a public hearing in Council Chambers at 7700 Perry Street regarding modifications to the City of Mt. Healthy Zoning Code and recommendations of the Planning Commission.

ABOUT MT. HEALTHY The history of our city is very unique in many ways. Mt. Healthy was first settled as a village in 1817, and was originally named Mt. Pleasant. With many of its citizens surviving the Cholera epidemic of 1850, this small community was later renamed as Mt. Healthy. Officially becoming a City in 1951, our city has prospered for over 190 years and, continues to flourish. Conveniently located, Mt. Healthy is just 15 miles north of Downtown Cincinnati, and minutes from I-275 and the Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway. Our community consists of a collection of individually designed and unique homes situated among lofty trees that provide a natural and enchanting atmosphere. Mt. Healthy is a pleasant residential community striving to provide a quality way of life. Its strong tradition has attracted outstanding citizens dedicated to positive community value.  
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The City of Mt. Healthy strives to be a fiscally sound and stable city providing to all of its residents and businesses a safe, viable, and clean environment, complemented with an excellent quality of life. The city will plan, construct, and maintain public facilities and public works infrastructures to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of all its residents and businesses. The city will strive to foster an environment conducive to the ongoing viability of its business district, and the development and promotion of cultural, recreational, and educational opportunities for all of its residents, while continuing to place a high value on public safety.
Adopted by Mt. Healthy City Council February 3, 1998.

Mt. Healthy City Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the City Building at 7700 Perry St. Mt. Healthy, OH 45231 (June, July & August, third Tuesday only)

For General City of Mt. Healthy information: 513-931-8840 M-F 8am to 4:30pm