2021 Ordinances

21-1937  An Ordinance Assessing Costs of the Removal of High Grass and Weeds and Declaring an Emergency

21-1938  An Ordinance Reappointing Members to the Springfield Township Joint Economic Development Zone I and Declaring an Emergency

21-1940  An Ordinance Authorizing the City Manager to Execute and Agreement between the City of Mt. Healthy and Rumpke for Collection, Transportation, and Delivery for Disposal or Processing of Solid Waste and Recyclable Materials Generated in and Collected from Residential Units, Residential Unit Equivalents, Municipal Facilities, and During Special Events

21-1941  An Ordinance Establishing a Certain Rate of Pay for the Position of Full Time Police Clerk Retro Back to the Employee’s Start Date

21-1942  An Ordinance Assessing the Costs of the Removal of Litter, Rubbish, and Garbage and Declaring an Emergency