The Mount Healthy Police Department provides 24- hour, toll free voice and a Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TDD) telephone access for emergency calls for service through Hamilton County Communications Center.



The Mt. Healthy Police Department would like to welcome you to our fine community. The Police Department is a 24-hour a day, 365 days a year operation, and is authorized to have 11 full-time police officers. We are currently operating with 6 full-time officers and 11 part-time officers. The Police Department is located at the City Municipal Building, 7700 Perry Street, side entrance. The Mt. Healthy Police Department station phone is generally staffed between the hours of 8am and 4pm Monday through Friday only at 728-3183. As such, we utilize the Hamilton County Communication Center (HCCC) for dispatch services. All emergencies should be reported by calling 911. All non-emergency calls should be made to HCCC at 825-2280.

Our agency has adopted a community policing philosophy and we are committed to working in partnership with our citizens to make Mt. Healthy a fun and safe place to live, work, and play. Our Department’s commitment to transparency and community engagement is evidenced by our involvement in the community and frequent posts on social media or the Mt. Healthy Community Meeting Cyber-Forum, as we like to call it.  Our agency is active on Facebook, Nextdoor, and Twitter and we regularly posts items of interest, including, events, criminal activity, and crime prevention tips.  We encourage you to join us on any of these websites and to stay active and attentive to our crime alerts and personal safety posts.  We value your input and encourage you to take an active role in managing your safety in partnership with your police department.

It is our pleasure to serve you,

Vincent L. Demasi, Chief of Police
Email:   vdemasi@Mthealthy.org

For information on Mayor’s Court, please refer to the Mayor’s Court page here.


Were you involved in an auto accident and are looking for a crash report?  The Ohio Department of Public Safety has a Crash Retrieval service that can help you locate your report.  Follow the link here.

Is your bike lost or stolen? Check with our Police Department – We may have it! You must bring proof of ownership. 513-728-3183

Want to provide crime tips but don’t want to do it over the phone?  You can submit crime tips electronically at mthpdcrimetips@mthealthy.org.  Thanks for doing your part to help our officers fight crime!

Bias-Based Racial Profiling Annual Report 2019

Bias-Based/Racial Profiling Annual Report 2020

Police Civil Service Exam Results 2018

There is a permit required to have a parade or special event (races, marches, mass gatherings) Ordinance 20-1931. If you or your group would like to have a parade or mass gathering please fill out the application and deliver to the Mt. Healthy city building at 7700 Perry St., Mt. Healthy, Ohio 45231


The Mt. Healthy Police Department takes seriously all complaints regarding the service provided by the Department and the conduct of it’s members.

Personnel Complaints and / or commendations will be courteously accepted by any department member and promptly given to the appropriate supervisor.  Although written complaints are preferred, a complaint may also be filed orally, either in person or by telephone.  If a supervisor is not immediately available to take an oral complaint, the receiving member shall obtain contact information sufficient for the supervisor to contact the complainant.

Although not required, complainants are encouraged to file complaints in person so that proper identification, signatures, photographs or physical evidence may be obtained as necessary. Personnel complaint forms will be maintained in a clearly visible location in the public area of the Mt. Healthy Police Department and be accessible through the Police Department website.

Every investigator or supervisor assigned to investigate a personnel complaint or other alleged misconduct shall proceed with due diligence in an effort to complete the investigation within (30) days from the date of discovery.

Download the Citizen Complaint Form HERE.

Send Drug Abuse tips directly to our drug enforcement team!  Drug Abuse Reduction Task Force (DART) website at: www.DART-HC.org  It also has information about drug enforcement activity in our area.

To report suspicious drug activity call 513-791-0081
Drug Abatement Response Team (DART)
Email: dartdesk@cinci.rr.com

Mt. Healthy Crime Report Map

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