Please be aware of the “Road Closed” signs for the areas of Park Ave, North & South Lynndale as well as the south end of Perry St. The construction crews have most if not all the underground utilities in and are proceeding with the projects on schedule. If the roads are closed please find an alternative route to get to your destination. If you live where the construction areas are, local traffic will be maintained.

Curbs, sidewalks, aprons etc….are going in now on the Park Ave project and the Perry St. project is not too far behind from there as well. Still lots of work ahead though as the streets will be totally dug out and replaced with all new gravel and eventually the asphalt road and then final restoration.

Please give the crews plenty of room to work and proceed through these areas if need be with caution. Appreciate your patience and soon the new roads will be in before you know it.

Thank You for your cooperation in advance.
Mt. H. Street Dept


RESIDENTS OF PARK AVE, N. LYNNDALE, and S. LYNNDALE: (LaBoiteaux Ave in NCH also included)

As you may have noticed, surveyors and engineers have been working in your area over the past few months.  We are happy to report that restoration of these streets will begin very soon as work is scheduled to begin March 15, 2018 (weather permitting).  You will start seeing equipment and material being moved into the area.  All work is scheduled to be completed by end of year, 2018.

Phase 1 will start with new water lines and storm sewers and then continue with new streets and curbs.  During working construction hours we ask that you do not park any vehicles on the street and move any unattended vehicles parked within the construction area at active construction times.  There may be slight delays at anytime during this construction period but local traffic will be maintained and driveways will be accessible.

Check back here for updates as the project moves along.