Garage Sale Guidelines

For Garage Sale permits, please visit the City Building at 7700 Perry Street, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

2 Garage Sales per year, per residence is permitted with a permit.  The first permit each year is free of charge.  The second permit of any year will be issued for a fee of $5.00.

The following Garage Sale Regulations are taken from the City of Mt. Healthy Zoning Code
§ 155.010

(a)   No property shall be offered for sale which has not been owned and used by the occupant of the premises.

(b)   Not more than two garage sales shall be conducted on the premises in any calendar year.

(c)   No garage sales shall be conducted for longer than three consecutive days in duration.

(d)   Garage sales may be conducted during daylight hours only.

(e)   No garage sale shall be conducted within the City of Mt. Healthy without the issuance of a garage sale permit.

(f)   Any person(s) or group desiring to have a garage sale shall make application to the City Clerk. Such application shall state the name of the person(s) or group who is having the sale, the address of the person(s) or group, the location of the sale, and the dates of the sale. Upon submission of the application the person(s) or group shall be issued a permit that must be in a conspicuous place on the premises on which the sale is being held.

(g)   The City Clerk shall charge and collect a fee of $5 for the second garage sale permit.