Elected/Appointed Officials


JamesWolf2  Mayor James Wolf, Democrat

President of Council: Ross Bittner, Republican  President of Council: Ross Bittner, Republican

Council at Large:

  KishaDosa2  Kisha Dosa, Democrat

Jeanne George, Democrat  Jeanne George, Democrat

Denise Lingo, Democrat  Denise Lingo, Democrat

Jennifer Moody, Republican  Jennifer Moody, Republican

Robert Parsons, Republican  Robert Parsons, Republican

Judy Petersen, Republican  Judy Petersen, Republican

JoeRoetting4 Joseph Roetting, Independant

Length of Terms:
Mayor, 4 years
City Council, staggered 4 years
President of Council, 4 years


Council appoints:

Melanie Evenson  Clerk of Council: Melanie Evenson

Mayor appoints:

Bill Kocher 2  City Manager: William Kocher

City Manager appoints:

Picture Not Found…           Finance Director: Scott Bauer

City Manager appoints:

DanielTemming  Law Director: Daniel Temming 

City Manager also appoints the Building Inspector, Street Superintendent and Parks Director